Each camper will need to perform a scene on the day of auditions and will read for every character. We have provided a few options in the link below, but campers only have to choose one (1). Please note, our director may provide additional options on the first day of camp.



Each camper will need to sing a section of one song for auditions. We have provided the sheet music to download and print. Boys or girls can sing any song. The measures noted below denote the location of the song in the sheet music. Please note, campers should pick the song that best showcases their abilities, and not necessarily the song sung by the character they hope to play.


“Right Before Your Eyes” (measures 41-64)

“On Your Way Home” (measures 17-30)

“Property of Spiker and Sponge” (measures 22-38)

“Floating Along” (measures 13-35)


Audio Files