About Us


It all started when…

We opened this camp in the summer of 2005 with a small cast of about 20 campers that put on a production of Charlie Brown. It was crazy cute, but since then our little camp has grown and evolved into something that we didn’t think was possible all those years ago.

We now have over one hundred campers (and growing) split into four different groups. Our directors and campers put on professional productions at the end of our 4-week session that come complete with fully constructed sets, costumes, the works. The OnStage staff provides a great education in the performing arts,with a focus on acting, singing, dancing, and set construction, all while managing to keep each day fun and entertaining. Our philosophy, to allow every child a moment in the spotlight, remains our central focus and has led us to where we are today.


We’re all about summer fun…


Our camp is about much more than just show preparation (which, let’s face it, is a lot of fun by itself). Although we do spend time each day practicing and rehearsing for the final performance, we want to make each summer memorable and fun. In our opinion, summer camp should be about the campers creating friendships that last a lifetime, and enjoying acting for acting's sake.

In that vein, we have instituted various theme days throughout the summer, which culminate in our most popular event: Color Wars. Each of these events elicits camaraderie and some serious laughter and fun.

Parents: We know what you’re thinking, but no, unfortunately you can’t enroll in this camp…

Special Themes/Days:

Halloween Day: Everyone dresses up in costume, just like Halloween. Superheroes, princesses, and monsters sing show tunes.

Color Wars: Each camper is randomly assigned to a color team. Color teams compete in awesome and creative games all day.

LipDub Video: We film a music video that includes every member of camp. Campers get to create dances, etc., to be featured.

Talent Show: The last day of camp features a talent show - any and all campers are welcome to perform. Fun awards are given out to fun campers.


A little bit about our different camp groups:

a_listers_words - Copy.png

The A-Listers are our most senior group and are pretty much celebrities around here. The final performance from these campers is guaranteed to leave you amazed, dazzled, and critics have said “it’ll leave you breathless.” The A-listers deliver everything you’ve come to expect from an Oscar-worthy musical including spectacular vocal, dance, and acting performances. The staff at Onstage Theater Camp promises to do everything we can to keep the paparazzi at bay, but we can’t really blame them for trying. After all, they are the A-Listers


The Entertainers are a fun, tight-knit bunch. These campers put on a non-musical play that pushes the limits of drama and comedy all while leaving the audience, you guessed it, thoroughly entertained. The Entertainers would list their hobbies as 1) Acting to their fullest potential, 2) Growing their dramatic and comedic skills through acting games, and 3) Being awesome.


The Rising Stars are definitely on their way to fame with a penchant for drama, singing, and dancing. These campers show off skills way beyond their years and aren’t afraid to reach out and touch their audience, metaphorically speaking. Their days are filled with song, dance, drama, and games, as these young actors represent the heart of our camp. They will leave you laughing, crying, and smiling during their final performance, and sometimes all three at the same time.


Consisting of our youngest campers, the Show Stoppers really know how to bring the house down (in a good way). The cuteness factor of the Show Stoppers’ final performance has been officially rated “11” (on a scale of 1 - 10), and the days leading up to their big show are filled with dancing, singing, acting, crafts, and of course lots of indoor and outdoor play time. Their show will certainly stop you in your tracks, and trust us, you’ll be happy that it did.