Frequently Asked Questions

What does each day look like?


All camp groups run their own activities, and schedules will vary from day-to-day. Below is an example of what a typical day might look like:

9:00AM - Campers arrive and we have a camp-wide morning meeting (when necessary). Campers split into their groups and start practicing acting/blocking for their respective shows.

10:00AM - Music rehearsal allows the music directors and assistants to work with the entire or partial cast on musical numbers.

11:00AM - Dance rehearsal allows the choreographers the opportunity to teach and practice the dance numbers and overall choreography with each group.

12:00PM - Lunch.

12:30PM - Work on and run-through the shows. This time will also be used to play acting games or have fun with various planned activities like costume creation, character building, blocking, etc.

2:00PM - Pickup time.


What can I expect each week?


Week 1

Auditions are held during the first few days of camp. We also take this time to give the campers an introduction to the show they will be performing. Once the casting is complete, our directors will begin to teach the campers all of the relevant music numbers, choreography, and stage blocking.


Week 2

The week will start with with campers continuing their introduction to the show. By the end of the week, campers will finish learning all musical numbers, blocking, characterization, and choreography.


Week 3

All three disciplines are completed and the shows are run through in full. Costumes and props are utilized throughout the rehearsals.


Week 4

This is the week of the shows. On Monday, all camps run through full performances of their shows with costumes. On the day of each show, the group performing that night will have a full dress rehearsal at the theater (see performance dates on our Shows page). We will provide parents with more details as this week approaches.

On the last day of camp, we have a special performance artist (usually a magician), cast parties, pizza, and our famous Talent Show.


What do I need to know about auditions?


Every year we make sure to have fair, score-based auditions.  Campers are evaluated for roles based on singing, dancing, and acting. The show directors, musical director, and choreographers will assign scores based on how well the campers’ auditions went in each respective area. The higher the score, the better the part. We will make sheet music and monologues available to campers before the first day of camp. Be sure to check your email for this information.

Show Stoppers: Auditions are held on the first and second day of camp. No stress for these little ones — if they can read, great, but if not, our director will tell them their lines.

Entertainers: Auditions are held on the first or second day of camp. Since there is no dancing or singing required, auditions are based on acting alone.

Rising Stars: Auditions are held on the first and second day of camp. Auditions will include acting, singing, and dancing.

A-Listers: Auditions are held on the second day of camp. The first day of camp gives them an opportunity to learn and practice audition material. Auditions will include acting, singing, and dancing.

**Please note: We try our very best to make sure each camper is happy and content with their assigned parts, but the unfortunate reality is there will be limited lead roles to give out and some campers might be upset for a brief time. Please rest assured, even if your camper does not get the role of their dreams, we will make sure they have an amazingly fun summer, and we always make sure they will get their moment to shine on stage.


When and where are the camp shows?


Dates and times for our shows can be found on our Shows page. Our shows are held in the Westfield High School Theater located at 550 Dorian Rd, Westfield, NJ 07090.


How do I know which group my child will be a part of?


Except for special circumstances, we split our campers into groups determined by age/upcoming grade level. We have listed the general groupings below. Please note: Depending on overall enrollment, the age groups listed below may vary slightly from year to year.

A-Listers: Grades 9 - 12

Entertainers: Grades 7 - 12

Rising Stars: Grades 5 - 8

Show Stoppers: Grades K - 4


How and where do I buy tickets for the shows?


Tickets are sold at the door each night of the show and can be paid for by cash or check. Tickets will cost $15 each for adults and $10 each for children 10 and under.

As a convenience to our parents, we also sell presale tickets at camp during the normal pick-up time (2pm) on specific dates, TBD (we will notify you of these dates via email).  Presale tickets will also cost $15 each for adults and $10 each for children 10 and under.


Do I get a discount for enrolling multiple campers?


We try to keep our enrollment costs as low as possible, and therefore do not offer an enrollment discount for multiple campers or siblings.

However, for families who have multiple children performing in shows on separate nights, a complimentary ticket for the second night may be included with each ticket purchase (maximum of 2 tickets per family).