Nancy Sasiak 

Administrative Coordinator

Nancy has been working at OnStage Theater Camp since 2016. Prior to her current position, Nancy was always helping out behind the scenes while she was busy with a full time career.

On a typical day you’ll find Nancy at the front entrance table helping to greet campers and parents as they enter. Nancy, along with her husband Ron, organizes and procures the props and costumes for each group’s performances. As she always says, besides talent (which is in abundance at this camp) campers need to look their best and have the right props in order to make each performance the best it can be. In addition to show preparation, Nancy is there to help in any way she possible can. Feel free to ask her questions about camp (or life) and saying hello will always be met with a smile. 

Each year, Nancy can’t wait for camp to start. She is continually amazed that the campers have so much fun and are able to put on an unbelievable performance in just a short period of time. Nancy marvels over watching each and every camper grow into true actors, actresses, dancers, and singers, and she truly believes that it doesn’t matter if you get a big part or a little part — what matters is that you play the part you get to the best of your ability!