Robby Pfeifer 

Director of IT and Business Development

Robby has bachelor’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science from Rutgers University and a Masters in Business Administration from Centenary University. Robby has been around the theater for the majority of his life and fondly remembers working backstage and even performing in his high school’s many productions. Although his full time career takes up most of his time, he moonlights as a proud member of the OnStage Theater Camp staff and has been with the wonderful, fun-loving summer camp since day one.

Robby is more of a behind-the-scenes kind of guy, but you’ll see him walking around at camp from time to time and maybe even doing some administrative tasks that look vaguely important. On the night of the show you’ll find Robby camped out (pun intended) at the candy table enthusiastically selling you your show-time treats. Robby also manages all social media for the camp, and you guessed it, this beautiful new website. If you happen to see him at camp, feel free to wave and tell him how much you love the website. And if you don’t like the website? That’s okay, just do the waving part.